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"LiteSwitch made the whole process really straight forward" - Nick Searing, Virgin Care

I have worked with LiteSwitch and Yemi Sawyerr on a number of our internal film projects and always found it easy to work with the team. As someone who was new to commissioning internal films, I was initially quite anxious about the process. However Yemi and LiteSwitch made the whole process really straight forward. They didn’t baffle me with technical jargon but instead provided me with a simple shopping list of things I could choose from, advising and suggesting ideas where appropriate.

On location, Yemi’s team are a joy to work with, always creating a great atmosphere to bring the best out of our colleagues on camera. They reassure those who are nervous and are really patient to ensure we get the best out of any interviews being recorded.

Overall I have been impressed with LiteSwitch’s level of customer service, their value for money and their final product.

Thanks to Yemi and his team!

People and Customer Experience Manager

Virgin Care

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